#Knifefree –  Dean’s Story

Directed by Mike and Steve

Our latest campaign tackles one of the biggest issues faced by young people across the country today. It tells the uplifting story of one individual who has managed to go #Knifefree, using a unique blend of authentic documentary audio, cinematic visuals and hugely innovative recording techniques.

Having been inspired by the relationship between Dean and James, we were presented with the challenge of feeding from their energy whilst protecting their identities. The solution was to capture audio of their conversations during a recording session and use actors to lip-sync these interactions on set. The result is a film that preserves the authenticity of the story but does so whilst still protecting the identities of our protagonists.

For all of the techniques involved, the most important thing is that this film resonates with young people across the country who feel compelled to carry knives or are lacking the self belief that they can achieve anything else with their lives.

The tragic reality is evident in the latest statistics about knife crime and the number of young people who have died as a result of knife related incidents even since we started working on this brief. So many bright young lives ended, and so many more destroyed around the epicentre of each of these incidents. To borrow Dean’s words from the film, if one young person sees the film, hears his words and chooses to go knife free, that will have been worth it. But we hope the impact can be much greater than that.

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